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Our Story

Established in 2019, The Ounce launched its hemp product line with CBD-rich hemp oil, topicals and gummies. From the start, community and creativity have been at the core of The Ounce’s outreach efforts. Prior to the pandemic, we opened our Washington, DC office/private space to the community, sponsoring and hosting a variety of events—artistic, educational and private. In March 2020, due to public health concerns (COVID-19), we closed our space to the public. However, we continued to sell our hemp supplements online and engage our local community through a variety of efforts.

ALL hemp products sold by The Ounce are third-party lab tested for purity, potency and safety. View lab reports for all products here.

Giving Back

The Ounce was the largest monetary donor for DC / Maryland / Virginia Expungement Week’s 2019 efforts and was hands on with 2020’s local efforts also. Read more about 2020’s DMV Expungement Week of Action via our blog.

In 2020, The Ounce and TheRapTrade partnered to host the Pop-Up Cypher, an outdoor traditional freestyle session and verse competition. Our goal was to foster a safe and fun community for artists to commune, practice and compete.

On February 9th, 2021, 25 advocacy groups led by Marijuana Justice, ACLU VA & RISE for Youth, sent a letter to the Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam and Virginia lawmakers, outlining 5 criteria for marijuana legalization that will center racial equity and the people and communities most adversely impacted by the decades-long War on Drugs. This effort was pivotal in the legalizing adult-use in Virginia. The Ounce was thrilled to lend our voice to this cause and stand beside other organizations advocating for proper treatment and industrial inclusion of marginalized people in Virginia.

In July, 2021 The Ounce began hosting The Pick-Up Crew, a weekly basketball meetup, at New York Avenue/Dunbar Recreation Center outdoor courts. In November, 2021 we transitioned to an indoor gymnasium to continue the fellowship and exercise.

The Ouncil (Council)

Ray Dixon, Founder + Owner
Ray Dixon, Founder + OwnerHe/Him

Born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in New York City, Ray grew up in a relatively diverse community. His undergraduate and graduate school experiences entailed stops in Tennessee and Michigan respectively. A now Washingtonian, Ray enjoys supporting small businesses, attending niche events and finding new food establishments to splurge on.

Ray has a passion for wellness and community engagement. As a business consultant his experience includes brand development, event development, website development and creative directing. An artist at heart, he enjoys various avenues of expression, which add much needed balance to his life.

The Ounce was the largest donor in the DC / Maryland / Virginia area for National Expungement Week in 2019. In 2020, Ray took on a more hands-on approach with National Expungement Week, helping with recruitment, marketing and event coordination among other things. That same year, in the midst of a raging pandemic, he established an outdoor open mic event for individuals to commune and express themself. In 2021, he became disenchanted with his declining fitness level due to telework among other things; so he organized a Saturday morning pick-up basketball group which has blossomed into a community.

In early 2022, Ray became part owner of Well & Wonder, a yoga and wellness studio, hemp store and event space in Tenleytown, DC. It serves as The Ounce’s first authorized retailer, carrying The Ounce’s full line of hemp products. Well & Wonder will also serve as a hub for many of The Ounce’s events.

Montrell Calhoun, Cultivation Specialist
Montrell Calhoun, Cultivation SpecialistHe/Him
Montrell Calhoun is an experienced cannabis cultivator with vast knowledge of the plant. His expertise is a welcome and integral part of our quality control process and future cultivation efforts.
Jocelyn, Educational Event Coordinator
Jocelyn, Educational Event CoordinatorShe/Her
Jocelyn Harris is a proud mom and licensed hemp dealer in Virginia. She’s got a passion for community and Cannabis. Her company, Angel Fire Wellness encourages consumers to take a more sustainable approach to Cannabis through highly acclaimed curated products and lifestyle events.